June 29, 2011 08:41 by dmckenzie

The following is an excerpt from the CeaseFire website at www.ceasefirechicago.org

If you are looking for one way to end gang violence - try this on for size. Happy Reading... 

CeaseFire recognizes violence behaves the same way as a disease.  It is transmitted like a disease, spreads through a community like a disease, and like a disease it can be controlled, contained, prevented and reversed. 

As with many of the great epidemics of the past, those most afflicted are blamed for their illness. Just as victims of the plague were thrown into dungeons, those disproportionately impacted by violence are often locked away without treatment. Incarceration is nearly eight times the level it was at in the 1970s, when the prison industry first began its growth. Among African-American males, more young men have done time in prison than have earned college degrees.

By re-understanding the problem through a scientific lens we cannot only change how it is viewed, but also how it is approached. Dr. Gary Slutkin, Founder & Executive Director of CeaseFire puts it, “Violence, like the great epidemics of the past – the plague, small pox, typhus – can be ended with the right understanding.”
Help us to change the thinking around this issue!

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