County Board of Supervisors unanimously approves Gang & Juvenile Delinquency Prevention
5-Year Strategic Plan!

Click here to download a copy of the approved final draft

Thank you to the community residents, agencies, and members of the Gang Prevention Subcommittee that helped make this possible.

Looking for Gang Prevention or Intervention Services?
Fresno County is now plugged into
2-1-1 Fresno County. This multilingual service links callers either looking to get help or give help, to hundreds of health and human services throughout Fresno County. Just dial 2-1-1 from any landline or payphone. Or search for a service online by clicking the 2-1-1 logo.

This site is no longer being updated but will remain available for information purposes only.

Graffiti to Greatness

More Information on how to participate in our next mural coming soon.

Do You Have A Gang Problem?

This survey is geared toward educators, if you are not an educator or parent of a student, please consider if the questions are applicable to your neighborhood and/or schools in your community.

If the answer is yes to any of the following questions, give yourself the indicated number of points.

  • Do you have graffiti on or near your campus? 5 points
  • Do you have crossed-out graffiti on or near your campus? 10 points
  • Do your students wear gang-related colors, jewelry or clothing, flash hand signals or display other behavior that may be gang-related? 10 points
  • Are drugs available at or near your school? 5 points
  • Has there been a significant increase in the number of physical confrontations/staredowns (“mad-dogging”) within the past 12 months in or near your school? 5 points
  • Are weapons increasingly present in your community? 10 points
  • Do your students use beepers, pagers or cellular phones? 10 points
  • Has there been a drive-by shooting at or near your school? 15 points
  • Have you had a “show-by” display of weapons at or near your school? 10 points
  • Is your truancy rate increasing? 5 points
  • Has there been an increase in racial incidents in your community or school? 5 points
  • Does your community have a history of gangs? 10 points
  • Is there an increase in informal social groups with unusual names? 15 points

Now, total your points. If the score is less than 15, you probably have no significant gang problem. A score of 20 to 40 means there could be an emerging gang problem; consideration for education and prevention measures may be in order. A score of 45 to 60 is cause for concern and calls for the development of a comprehensive, systematic gang prevention/intervention plan. A score of 65 or more indicates an acute gang problem and calls for the development of a gang prevention, intervention and suppression program.

This informal gang assessment tool was presented in the April 2006 California Educator and is based (with permission) on the one created by the National School Safety Center Director, Dr. Ronald D. Stephens, and published in The Gang Intervention Handbook, edited by Goldstein and Huff. For more information, visit the NSSC website [].